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European White Oak Box Beam Mantels

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Choose European White Oak Box Beam Mantels for the Perfect Fit and Finish 

Created with the same skill and care as we apply to our custom new wood flooring, our European white oak box beam mantels are made from newly harvested wood and always have at least a clear poly finish, but most often clients choose to have a custom (colored) finish. Custom colored finishes are done here, by us, in our in-house Finish Room with expert execution. The options are infinite. 

A Custom Finish To Match Your Vision 

If you would like a custom (colored) finish, you may order from this listing making sure to select the 'custom finish' option. Once your order is received we'll call you to discuss the colored finish you desire and arrange for samples to be made for your approval. A custom finish is an involved process, and we never want to offer 'standard color ranges' since we can literally create anything, in house. You can buy with confidence knowing you're box beam mantel is being built by the largest vertically integrated producer of reclaimed wood products, and we make thousands of hand made box beams every year in reclaimed and as with this listing in newly harvested Euro white oak.

Who Really Makes Your Box Beam Mantel?

It's important to know who's making your box beam fireplace mantel in a time when everything seems to be made by someone other than who we gave our money to. Not  the case here though. Every single step is done by us, done here, done onsite. In fact, you're welcome to make an appointment to visit us here at the mill and see the process in action. It's amazing!

Do You Know?

Box Beam Mantels and Ceiling Beams aren't exactly rocket science but there are some important things to know about them before you commit to someone to make yours. Learn more about our box beams and material options by reading through this page first

Made Just For You

We do not carry box beam mantels in stock, everything we make is custom made to your specifications, made to order. Depending upon specifications and total beam mantel quantity, lead times average 4-6 weeks.

Build. Price. Order. Get On With Your Project.

Use the beam configurator to build, price, and make your box beam mantel purchase.

Shown here in a custom color water based finish. 

More Than Just White Oak

If it's wood, Use these links below to view our other material texture types:

All of our reclaimed material is from our own onsite 30,000sf inventory and is kiln dried, fumigated for powder post beetles, nylon brushed, and often power-washed (only if this step would not significantly remove the desired patina).

Got Questions? Give us a call, text, or email

Lead Time To Ship:

4-6 weeks. It does not take this much time to actually build your custom box beam mantel of course. By placing your order here, you are securing your position in our production queue. 

Once production has begun on your custom order we cannot offer refunds.

Additional Product Notes:

Important Notes

  • We do not carry ceiling or mantel box beams in stock; every box beam is custom made to your specifications.
  • Depending upon specifications and total beam quantity, lead times average 4-6 weeks for mantels, 8-12 weeks for ceiling beams.
  • Some configurations require seams to achieve your configured length, face width or height. When seams are needed, we disguise them through traditional seams that have been used for centuries. If you have a specific type of seam appearance in mind please let us know in your order notes.
  • Once we receive your configured order (mantels) or Quote Request (ceiling box beams), we'll review it to ensure that the beam you've configured is possible, practical based on viable construction methods and material availability, and shipping method. If there are any conflicts between what is ordered and what is or can be produced/shipped we'll contact you immediately to discuss and identify solutions. If no mutually agreeable solutions are reached then we will decline the order and fully refund the purchase price.
  • Shipping is never included in the price and will be charged separately once we quote the shipping either by parcel (UPS/FEDEX for beams under 10ft, or freight for longer beams).
  • Shipping is charged separately, prior to shipping.

The Normal Disclaimers:

  • Depending upon the material in our inventory or material available, seams may be required to achieve your configured height or length. That is, if you want a 30-foot long beam, a seam may be required along this span to reach the desired length.
  • We always try to avoid seams, but where practical or necessary we use traditional joinery that has been used for hundreds of years so the resulting look is authentic. As well, the patina and texture between joined boards. If your box beam dimensions fall outside of what is able to be configured here, please call us to discuss to ensure you receive the information and price you need. Call Adam at 949-244-5123, email, or use our contact form/quote request form where you can actually list each box beam and dimensions you need.
  • No two pieces of wood are alike and no two pieces of reclaimed or new wood will exactly 'match'.
  • With new wood (i.e. New European White Oak) there is far more consistency between boards. However, with Reclaimed Barn Wood and other species specifically, there is infinite variability between boards in the grain, defects, and patina. Thankfully, this variability is the primary draw to, and interest in reclaimed wood. That said, we do not try to 'match' dissimilar boards (i.e. when joining boards to make box beams, seams, multiple beams for the same room, etc.), rather, we coordinate boards so the overall look flows and the variability in character remains. To be extra clear on this, the reclaimed wood you receive will not "match" any images on this website, but be similar.
  • As the name states, 'custom' box beams are made to order for you. Once the building of your box beam begins we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.
  • Lead Time To Ship: 8-12 weeks from date of order, or from date of approved sample (if a custom finish is selected) but likely sooner. It does not take this much time to actually build your custom box beam of course. By placing your order here, you are securing your position in our production queue. 
  • Shipping: Due to ever-increasing shipping prices, shipping is no longer included. Beams over 10ft cannot ship by parcel (UPS/FedEx) and will need to be sent by semi (Less Than Truckload Freight). Once your order is received we will run a shipping estimate through several LTL carriers and provide you with the separate shipping cost. This will be collected separately prior to shipment. Since there is such a delay between the shipping quote and the actual shipping date, an updated shipping quote will be done three weeks prior to completion of production. Shipping costs (be they by parcel service like UPS or FedEx, or LTL Freight) will be passed through to you as a separate transaction and due two weeks prior to completion.
  • Freight shipping requires someone over the age of 18 to sign for the delivery. The freight carrier will never unload the items from the truck. It will be your responsibility to have sufficient people onsite for delivery and to hand off-load the box beams or have a forklift onsite to unload if a flatbed trailer is used--we will advise you which will be required once we arrange shipping.
  • Once delivered, your box beam can never be stored outside. The change in humidity, intensity of sun and temperature changes all affect the box beam seams and material. Once delivered, you should plan on immediately moving the box beams indoors until ready to install 

Sizing: Things To Consider

  • When indicating the size of your box beam (whether for ceilings or mantels) be sure you are considering any inside dimensional constraints. For instance, since a box beam is often mounted as a wrap over framing, so if this dimension is critical then please let us know so we can account for this space and "build out" from the internal dimensions (this may increase the outside dimensions of course).
  • Generally, the thickness of hand hewn faces are 1" and all others are 3/4".
  • We usually provide additional length to you in your box beam for onsite adjustment. Our builders appreciate the ability to have some adjustment room onsite and they can trim to exact length given the variation in wall flatness. If you want exact length then please specify this with urgency because it is out of the norm for us. We strongly recommend ordering lengths approximately 1/2" - 1" longer to allow for onsite adjustment to accommodate variations in the structure, drywall, etc.
  • All of our custom made box beams come fully assembled and ready for you or your builder to add a finish if you like or directly install.