How is a Box Beam Different than a Solid Beam?

How is a Box Beam Different than a Solid Beam?

How is a Box Beam Different than a Solid Beam?

  • Unlike a solid beam a box beam is hollow. It's made from skins of a solid beam or from planks. See the difference between a solid beam and a hollow box beam here (opens in new window)
  • To make reclaimed hand hewn barn wood hollow beams, we resaw the original face material away from the core of the beam
  • To make reclaimed rough sawn barn wood hollow beams, we begin with barn boards (barn siding, floors) and resaw them into a thick veneer. After engineering these wear layers to high quality Baltic birch we have what we need to begin constructing the box beam.
  • These original face skins are then joined together, reinforcing the overall structure with internal blocking an corner locking miter joints for our rough sawn box beams.
  • Seeing the true artistry of a well-made reclaimed box beam is a real treat. Our Craftsmen are able to replicate the look of a solid beam with remarkable skills and our clients often think we hollowed out a solid beam to create their box beams, because the joints are nearly imperceptible. 
Popular uses for box beams are for ceilings as in this image


This is just a portion of what there is to know about a wood box beam. Learn everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on buying a box beam by reading our all in one top tips on wood box beams here.

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