About The Box Beam Collection

The Box Beam Collection by The Vintage Wood Floor Company

The most exquisite, one-of-a-kind, hand made box beams

We are a division of famed The Vintage Wood Floor Company, Orange County's preferred choice for antique reclaimed barn wood flooring and accents by Architects, Designers, Custom Home Builders, and discriminating homeowners across the country.

Run out of the same 30,000 square foot state of the art facility in the heart of Orange County, CA in Anaheim, we've created this division to serve the ever-increasing demand for old mantel beams so we can focus on hand-picking only the best selections from our thousands to choose from. With so much antique barn wood inventory as well as newly harvested wood, we have the material, expertise and capacity to create the perfect box beam for your project and vision. 

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is the powerhouse in the reclaimed wood industry, quickly overtaking much larger national producers of high-end prefinished flooring made from newly harvested wood. Our Euro Oak is the most popular and we produce in our 30,000sf facility. We are the largest vertically integrated reclaimed wood operation we know of; where every single step in producing our flooring, paneling, and other products are done by us, done here, so it's done right.

As of publication, this is the only site where you can configure your custom box beam mantels and order immediately! Due to the nearly infinite options for ceiling box beams, we still have to do that one-on-one.  Request your quote and we'll return your no obligation price immediately by email.

What We Do

The Box Beam Collection is exclusively focused on making custom box beams from new and reclaimed wood to your specifications. Box beams recreate the look of solid structural beams but are hollow and much lighter which makes installation far easier.

There are a few common types of box beams:

  1. Column: This is a 4-sided box beam and is often used as a wrap to an existing structural support like a vertical pole or beam from floor to ceiling
  2. U-Shaped: This is the most common shape for ceiling box beams
  3. L-Shaped: This type of box beam is often seen in the corner where the ceiling meets the wall
  4. Shallow Single Face: This appears to be a single face but might have one or two very short returns, almost like a U-shaped that has had nearly all of the side faces cut down. This style is seen mounted to the wall near the joint with the ceiling to appear as an original horizontal structural beam which supports the ceiling, and which sticks out from the wall only and inch or two

Searching for box beams for sale near me?

We are not only the preferred local source for box beams in Orange County, we ship anywhere in the US. We don't 'stock' box beams; every beam is hand made to each customer's order.

  • We do not carry box beams in stock; every box beam is custom made to your specifications.

  • Depending upon specifications and total beam quantity, lead times average 8-12 weeks unless otherwise quoted.

  • Some configurations require seams to achieve your configured length or height. We use traditional seams that have been used for centuries. If you have a specific type of seam appearance in mind please let us know in your order notes.

  • Once we receive your configured order, we'll review it to ensure that the beam you've configured is possible, practical based on viable construction methods and material availability, and shipping method. If there are any conflicts between what is ordered and what is or can be produced/shipped we'll contact you within two weeks to discuss and identify solutions. If no mutually agreeable solutions are reached then we will decline the order and fully refund the purchase price.

  • All of our custom made box beams come fully assembled and ready for you or your builder to install. We leave lengths approximately 1/2" long to allow for onsite adjustment to accommodate variations in the structure

  • Be sure to check out our Faux Wood Beams - Ultimate Box Beam Ceiling Buyer's Guide

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