Reclaimed Barn Wood Hand Hewn Box Beams for Ceilings and Doorways

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Box beams are 2, 3, or 4-sided non-structural hollow beams that are versatile in that they are easier to install, can be used in more applications, more consistent in size, shape and straightness, and are lighter than solid beams. One can specify the width, depth, and length to a degree of accuracy that nature may not have provided.

Box beams can be used as decorative accents or to wrap existing beams or structural elements in a space (wiring, plumbing, HVAC) .

Regardless of the application, we produce them with authentic antique reclaimed barn wood, as well as newly harvested wood like Euro White Oak with custom finish for the most contemporary look. Once installed, our box beams are indiscernible from a solid beams.

Learn everything you need to know about wood box beams here.

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As innovators in reclaimed products, leave it to us to create the first-ever box beam configurator. Now, one can enter the dimensions of the desired box beam down to the inch in accuracy and immediately get the price.

While everyone else forces you to "get a quote", we allow you to configure, price, and order your box beam on your first visit to our site.

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Resawn Reclaimed Barn Wood Texture

Material & Textures

Nothing transforms a room like the look of beams; be they solid beams or hollow box beams. Great for timber spans for a large room, ceilings, or verticals; our box beams impart a presence that’s unmistakably warm.

What do you make your box beams out of?

We make our custom box beams out of both new or reclaimed wood.

Hand Hewn Box Beams use reclaimed hand hewn material which began as round logs and were dimensioned generations ago by hand into square/rectangle shapes with broad axes, adze and other hand tools which leave the tradition axe marks. This is a more 'rustic' look to a beam.

Rough Sawn Box Beams (circle sawn) beams are more dimensionally consistent and have a more flush surface than the hand hewn beams as they were dimensions with a saw. These are often used where a more defined angularity is desired. Rough sawn offers the definitive look of reclaimed but with stronger, more defined angles for a somewhat cleaner look.

Resawn box beams are made from what we call the 'second cut' of a reclaimed beam which is the beam material once the original face has been removed (e.g. the original face is removed to make either a hand hewn or rough sawn box beam). This material lacks the original patina and markings but is gorgeous in the tight and varied grain. This is the material of choice for those looking for the smoother reclaimed wood who also might wish to whitewash or otherwise stain the box beam.

Newly harvest wood, like our popular European Oak, this is a great choice if you are looking for the smoothest texture and want to use a custom (colored, like a custom floor) finish. This is a go-to choice when matching our custom finished floors to the ceiling box beams.

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