A Box Beam (sometimes called a faux beam) is a non-structural 2, 3, or 4-sided hollow beam that is more versatile than a solid beam. A box beam is lighter weight and so easier to install; they can be used in more applications and are more consistent in size, shape and straightness than a solid beam. You can specify the width, depth/height, and length of a box beam to the higher degree of accuracy than with a solid timber.

Box beams are often used as decorative accents simply to enhance the look and feel of a room. As well, box beams are the perfect solution to hide existing and possibly unattractive elements in a room like structural beams, wiring conduits, plumbing, existing framing, existing beams, and HVAC runs. A box beam ceiling gives dimension to a room unlike anything else.

Regardless of the application, we produce our box beams with authentic antique reclaimed wood only from domestic barns and historic structures, as well as newly harvested wood like Euro White Oak with custom color finish created in our on-site finish room for the most contemporary look. Once installed, our box beams are indiscernible from a solid beams where even the seams are difficult to identify in the finished beam. When creating a reclaimed box beam, the best way to start is by selecting the desired texture. We offer hand hewn, rough sawn, and resawn (also called live sawn). Regardless of the texture or material, our skilled craftsmen create reclaimed wood box beams that are truly works of art, and elevate your design.

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As innovators in reclaimed products, leave it to us to create the first-ever online box beam configurator. Now, you can enter the dimensions of the desired box beam down to the inch in accuracy and immediately get the price, and call us to order. No waiting. Box Beam Mantels however can be ordered immediately online.

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