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Collection: Choose Your Material for Wood Box Beam Mantels

We offer custom box beams for ceilings, box beams as columns, and other architectural treatments including fireplace mantels. We construct our box beam barnwood mantles mantels with skins from reclaimed barn wood beams. Depending upon if the application calls for a 2 or 3 sided box beam, and if the project calls for the ends to be exposed we also add end caps as shown in the image here. The standard end cap most client choose is from the face grain but we can discuss using a beam end-cut as well should that be the desired look.

A reclaimed wood mantel in the form of an easy to install, lightweight box beam is a great addition to even the most modern space and adds warmth and history. We also do a tremendous amount of new wood like our popular Euro White Oak Mantel Beams, either unfinished or with a custom color finish done inhouse.

Start here, choose your material for box beam mantels texture. 

Choose Your Material for Wood Box Beam Mantels