Step 1 of 2: Choose Your Mantel Material Texture

Collection: Choose Your Material for Ceiling Box Beams

Choosing the right person to create your box beam is as important as choosing the right material. The 'ability' to create custom box beams is far different than being experienced in the nuances of building these box beams. We've built thousands of them. You can rely on the Box Beam Collection by The Vintage Wood Floor company to masterfully craft the wood box beams for your project. Be sure to check out our Faux Wood Beams - Ultimate Box Beam Ceiling Buyer's Guide

The easiest way to start your decision journey is by choosing the material for its visual appeal. Most people start with the material texture as this conveys the 'look and feel' they wish to convey. One can choose from very rustic to very clean and modern.

Know why before you buy. Read our What You Need To Know About Wood Box Beams here.

All of our ceiling box beams are custom priced and made to your specifications, therefore no online pricing is available. No worries though, enter your dimensions and quantities in the quote request on the product page and we'll get you your pricing immediately. You won't be disappointed.

As a manufacturer and the largest vertically integrated producer of American reclaimed barn wood we have the reclaimed material, and the sourcing to get only the best European Oak if that's what you're after.

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Choose Your Material for Ceiling Box Beams