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Enter your dimensions and quantity of box beams having those identical dimension. Note: To order from this site you are ordering a three-sided traditional box beam. If you are ordering a corner (2-sided) or colum (4-sided) then please do not order here, call or email us instead for a custom order.

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Rough Sawn Reclaimed Barnwood Box Beams for Ceilings

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Rough Sawn Reclaimed Barn Wood Box Beams for Ceilings

Rough Sawn (could also be referred to as 'circle sawn beam')  is the term used to describe material cut into dimensional lumber by use of a circular saw. Prior to the advent of--or use of--powered milling machinery, manpower was the force behind the tools (see our Hand Hewn box beams for that look). Rough sawn has the tell-tail circular saw marks; remnants of the tool used to cut it many generations ago.

The circular saw marks are caused by any number of things, including a bent tooth or blade, wobble in the feeding of the beam through the machine, and the list goes on. However the marks were caused, we're glad they were because this creates both a clean look from the more square angles but keeps the historical interest and visual variety from the saw marks.

A Rough Sawn box beam will be inviting in even the most modern homes. 

Vintage Saw Mill

We do not carry box beams in stock, every box beam is custom made to your specifications. Depending upon specifications and total beam quantity, lead times average 8-12 weeks.

Use the beam configurator to build your cost.

This listing is for unfinished reclaimed barnwood Rough Sawn Box Beams.

If you would like a custom (colored) finish, please do not order from this listing. Instead, please call us at 714-557-9655 to discuss your project and arrange for samples to be made for your approval. A custom finish is an involved process, far outside the ability of a website to capture; and even if possible we'd prefer to work with you directly one-on-one.

    Shown here unfinished.

    Use these links below to view our other material texture types:

    All of our reclaimed material is from our own onsite 30,000sf inventory and is kiln dried, fumigated for powderpost beetles, nylon brushed, and often power-washed (only if this step would not significantly remove the desired patina).

     How to Order a Reclaimed Barn Wood Box Beam

    Lead Time To Ship: 8-12 weeks. It does not take this much time to actually build your custom box beam of course. By placing your order here, you are securing your position in our production queue. 


    Reclaimed Barn Wood Stacked Wall Panels by The Vintage Wood Floor Company

      Additional Product Notes:

      How To Use The Box Beam Configurator

      This box beam configurator is the first of its kind on the internet. While it seems to be a simple task, building this so it works for you as well as the back-end of the website was a breakthrough effort. Since there are so many possible variables that could affect a custom box beam, this site is built for standard box beams dimensions. Any deviation from what is offered here in dimensions, finishes, species, etc. can't be accomplished through a tool like this yet so we ask that you reach out to us to work with you directly to ensure you get exactly what you need and envision. This is designed to be an effortless, self-serve solution to the vast number of people who 'just need a box beam' and who fall into standard box beam dimensions. We hope you will benefit from what we've built here and find it as effortless as others have found it to be. 

      How to use the beam configurator to build your custom box beam, see the cost, and place your order:

      Use the arrows to select your Box Beam Length:

      -This is the longest dimension of the box beam. You can use measurements in even inches. If you have a length that is a fraction of an inch, enter the next higher inch and cut to exact length on-site. This is always preferred by your installer. The minimum length you can select is 48 inches and the longest is 84 inches. For other dimensions, please contact us for a custom box beam order to meet your specifications.

      Use the arrows to select your Box Beam Width:

      -This is the "face" dimension. To understand the face, think of the box beam on the ceiling; the width ("face") is the width of the box beam face as you look up at the box beam from your position on the floor. The minimum width you can select is 6 inches and the widest is 9 inches. For other dimensions, please contact us for a custom box beam order to meet your specifications.

      Use the arrows to select your Box Beam Height:

      -Height is the protrusion from the wall or ceiling. As in the earlier example, if you are looking up at a ceiling box beam, the height would be the dimension by which the box beam protrudes from the ceiling. This could also be considered the Depth.

      Once all of these three dimensions have been entered you will instantly see the cost of one box beam.

      Enter the Quantity of Box Beams you need: If you need more than one box beam of this configuration/dimensions, change the quantity. The cost will instantly update for the quantity of box beams of this configuration/dimensions.

      -If you are wanting to place an order for several box beams and at least two of them have different dimensions, configure each box beam's dimensions and quantity, then add to cart. Once these are in your cart you can now go back to the box beam configurator and repeat the process for the beams with different dimensions from what is already in your cart. So, for multiple beams that are of the same type (i.e. 'Hand Hewn') and the same dimensions, you do not need to configure multiple beams then add to cart them separately to your cart. Just configure once, and change the quantity, then add to cart. Super easy!

      Important Notes

      -We do not carry box beams in stock; every box beam is custom made to your specifications.

      -Depending upon specifications and total beam quantity, lead times average 12-14 weeks.

      -Some configurations require seams to achieve your configured length or height. We use traditional seams that have been used for centuries. If you have a specific type of seam appearance in mind please let us know in your order notes.

      -Once we receive your configured order, we'll review it to ensure that the beam you've configured is possible, practical based on viable construction methods and material availability, and shipping method. If there are any conflicts between what is ordered and what is or can be produced/shipped we'll contact you within two weeks to discuss and identify solutions. If no mutually agreeable solutions are reached then we will decline the order and fully refund the purchase price

      -Parcel shipping is included in the listed item's configured pricing. If the beam you configure requires freight shipping (longer than 8ft and/or heavier than 150lbs may require freight shipping). When we receive your order we will run an estimated shipping quote. If freight shipping is required and the cost is more than 150% of the equivalent parcel shipping cost to us we will expect you to cover the balance. If this is not agreeable then we will decline the order and fully refund the order.No two pieces of wood are the same so there will naturally be variation in texture, color range, and patina.

      -All of our custom made box beams come fully assembled and ready for you or your builder to install. We leave lengths approximately 1/2" long to allow for onsite adjustment to accommodate variations in the structure

      The normal disclaimers:

      -Depending upon the material in our inventory or material available, seams may be required to achieve your configured height or length. That is, if you want a 30-foot long beam, a seam may be required along this span to reach the desired length.

      -We always try to avoid seams, but where practical or necessary we use traditional joinery that has been used for hundreds of years so the resulting look is authentic. As well, the patina and texture between joined boards. If your box beam dimensions fall outside of what is able to be configured here, please call us to discuss to ensure you receive the information and price you need. Call 714-557-9655, email, or use our contact for where you can actually list each box beam and dimensions you need by clicking here.

      -No two pieces of wood are alike and no two pieces of reclaimed or new wood will exactly 'match'.

      -With new wood (i.e. New European White Oak) there is far more consistency between boards. However, with Reclaimed Barn Wood and other species specifically, there is infinite variability between boards in the grain, defects, and patina. Thankfully, these are this variability is the primary draw to, and interest in reclaimed wood. That said, we do not try to 'match' dissimilar boards (i.e. when joining boards to make box beams, seams, multiple beams for the same room, etc.), rather, we coordinate boards so the overall look flows and the variability in character remains.

      -As the name states, 'custom' box beams are made to order for you. Once the building of your box beam begins we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

      -Standard 'parcel' shipping is included in the price quoted. A 'parcel' shipment is what can be shipped via UPS/FedEx without up-charges. For box beams that fall outside of these carriers dimension limits, freight shipping must be arranged separately. In these instances we will arrange the freight shipping quote, contact you for approval, and send you an online invoice for the cost difference between what was collected for parcel shipping and the higher cost of the freight shipping. Freight shipping can be advantageous however if you are ordering several beams as they are then considered one item (one pallet) so the net cost could actually be less. Freight shipping requires someone over the age of 18 to sign for the delivery and the freight carrier will never unload the items from the pallet. It is your responsibility to have two people on-site for offloading the box beams from the drop point (street or in driveway if feasible) to your garage or inside the house.

      -Once delivered, your box beam can never be stored outside. The change in humidity, intensity of sun and temperature changes all affect the box beam seams and material. Once delivered, you should plan on immediately moving the box beams indoors until ready to install