What kinds of box beams are there?

What kinds of box beams are there?

If you're wondering "what kinds of box beams are there?" we've got the info you need here.

There are countless types of wood box beams but all of our box beams are hand made to your specifications for your project in these materials:

If you would like a custom (colored) finish, please do not order from this listing. Instead, please call us at 714-557-9655 to discuss your project and arrange for samples to be made for your approval. A custom finish is an involved process, far outside the ability of a website to capture; and even, if possible, we'd prefer to work with you directly one-on-one. 

We produce box beams in a variety of wood species, but it usually comes down to texture choices driving the preference. Regardless of your material selection, our craftsmen with over 200 years of experience between them will create the perfect box beam for your custom project. 

Types of reclaimed wood box beams (European white oak excluded):

What kinds of wood box beams are there?
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