Should I Choose A Box Beam Instead Of A Solid Beam?

Should I Choose A Box Beam Instead Of A Solid Beam?

What are the advantages to using a wood box beam instead of a solid wood beam:

  • Choosing a box beam as is ideal when you need to precisely control the dimensions of the beam to fit within the mounted space. Unlike a solid beam, a wood box beam's dimensions are all within our control.
  • With a solid beam, they are-what-they-are, and to reduce a face of a solid beam means to cut off the original patina-rich surface which leaves a fresh cut face. This is in opposition to the other remaining original faces. With a box beam we can construct it in a way as to achieve the exact front face height, top and bottom face depths (or protrusion) as well as the length of course.
  • Wood box beams are a great way to hide existing structural elements in a room or just to add to the room's aesthetic appeal. Box beams offer the look of solid beams with the benefits of custom sizing and lightweight installation.
  • Box beams replicate the look of solid timber but have an improved workability and practicality:
    • They’re uniform in size throughout the length of the beam
    • They're available in any length and width combination
    • They're lighter and easier to install than solid beams.
Should I choose a box beam instead of a solid beam?

This is just a portion of what there is to know about a wood box beam. Learn everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on buying a box beam by reading our all in one top tips on wood box beams here.

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