What Are Reclaimed Rough Sawn Box Beams?

What Are Reclaimed Rough Sawn Box Beams?

What Are Reclaimed Rough Sawn Box Beams?

With the advent and availability of powered,

What is rough sawn reclaimed wood?

machine-driven circular and band saws, rough sawn beams became ubiquitous. Timber milled, with circular or band saws a century ago often left behind circle saw or chatter marks, blade tooth impressions, and burn marks. As with any reclaimed material, part of the visual appeal is the staining and uneven coloration.

Rough Sawn (could also be referred to as 'circle sawn’) is the term used to describe material cut into dimensional lumber by use of a circular saw. Prior to the advent of--or use of--powered milling machinery, manpower was the force behind the tools (see our Hand Hewn box beams for that look). Rough sawn has the tell-tail circular saw marks; remnants of the tool used to cut it many generations ago.

Old timber mill

The circular saw marks are caused by any number of things, including a bent tooth or blade, wobble in the feeding of the beam through the machine, and the list goes on. However, the marks were caused, we're glad they were because this creates both a clean look from the more square angles but keeps the historical interest and visual variety from the saw marks.

A Rough Sawn box beam will be inviting in even the most modern homes.

Example of a Rough Sawn Box Beam for Ceilings:

Reclaimed Barn Wood Rough Sawn Box Beams for Ceilings

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This is just a portion of what there is to know about a wood box beam. Learn everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on buying a box beam by reading our all in one top tips on wood box beams here.

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